About the project

Danube House – Regional identity for economic development

Project partners


  • Foundation for Democracy, Culture and Liberty, Calarasi Branch (FDCL), Romania  – Lead Partner
  • Association of the Danube River Municipalities “Danube” (ADRM), Belene, Bulgaria  – Partner 2


All the districts/counties from the Romania Bulgaria eligible area

Location of the Danube House

Romania, Calarasi County, Gradistea – Rasa Village

Implementation period /
Project value

  •   Implementation period: 18 months
  •   Total value: 960,379.20 EUR
  1. 814,593.64 EUR -ERDF, representing 84.82%
  2. 124,849.30 EUR – State Budgets Cofinancing, representing 13%
  3. 20,936.26 EURPartners own contribution, representing 2.18%

Target groups:

  • Business communities
  • Local public administrations
  • Universities and research institutes
  • NGOs
  • Mass media

General Objective:


Economic development  of the Romania-Bulgaria Cross – Border Area promoting  brand  products  stressing the regional identity.

Specific Objectives:

1. Identifying the representative products of the region, base for brand products in the cross-border area.


2. Development of Romania-Bulgaria business infrastructure and cooperation

 3. Marketing of products representative for the regional identity

Main activities of the project

  •  Drawing up a study regarding the Danube regional identity
  •  Selection of brand products
  •  Setting up the Danube House Network
  •  Providing services in the fields of consultancy for business development, marketing and Arbitration Court
  •  Organizing thematic debates/meetings aimed at increasing the degree of cooperation
  •  Training for the members of the Danube House Network
  •  Organizing Master Class events for the Danube House members
  •  Creation of a virtual community of the Danube House Network
  •  Creation of a Danube House community basic dictionary
  •  Manufacturing the cultural products (CDs)
  •  Creation of the Danube House IT platform
  •  Concluding cooperation agreements with mass media


Implementation team


Dragos Seuleanu, FDCL CL – Project manager

Kaloyan Petrov Prokopiev, ADRM – Network manager

Corneliu Georgescu, FDCL CL – Financial manager

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